Social And Online Marketing

Social & Online Marketing

The internet has revolutionised the way companies advertise. Previously a strictly business to customer venture through newspapers and magazines, promotional material, radio and television advertising and web banners, those methods are still in use today but recent years has seen the rise of social media advertising. Marketing campaigns today are becoming more and more interactive.

What is Social & Online Marketing?

Most of us use the following social media websites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and many more besides. Most of these sites began life as a way of connecting with friends and family, easy sharing of information, photographs and videos. For those who live many miles apart, such websites are vital for keeping in touch without the limits of the email or the expense of phone calls.

It wasn’t long before businesses saw the benefits of using these sites to market products and services. There are tremendous possibilities here to attract customers and to interact directly with them.

How Social Online Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

Today, customers expect you to have a Facebook page where they may comment on your material, and they expect a Twitter feed for up to the minute information on your products and services. They want to offer you feedback and share information with others. It empowers them to realise that they can make a difference and let you know directly what they think.

For you, this could mean lots of free advertising if you can make your material spread quickly across the internet. We call this “going viral” and it means that users on social media are replicating and sharing material, leading to an exponential increase in brand awareness and usually, greater sales.

What We Do

This new world of advertising comes with a new set of rules and different ways of thinking. At, we know what it takes to implement an effective social media marketing strategy using a broad base of resources for optimum reach. Our team of designers, marketing professionals and technical experts can help you reach your intended audience and enable your campaign to go viral.

We also have extensive experience in a range of other online marketing techniques including but not limited to Adwords Management, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Click and Email Marketing.

Please get in touch so we can evaluate your requirements and discuss with you the best options! We are a very friendly company and are completely happy to have a nice long chat explaining the benefits and procedures if you have any queries prior to sale or during partnership.