mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has been the growth sector of the last few years. Smartphones really took off around 2007 when tech businesses changed their way of thinking and completely revolutionised the operating systems. Apps quickly followed suit: games, ticket purchases, travel apps, diaries, cloud (for sharing), online banking and social media… there is no sector untouched by mobile applications.
With the popularity of tablets for both business and pleasure, many businesses realise the possibilities that mobile apps open up for them. It isn’t necessary to be a large business with a lot of resources either, almost anybody can release their own app.

The Innovation of Mobile Apps

Android, Blackberry, iphone and Windows devices are built on the premise that anybody with an idea can release an app. It is not financially prohibitive and start-ups are responsible for some of the best examples of mobile applications available today. What producers do need is a little technical knowhow, good marketing techniques and the ability to understand what your customers want and respond to it. This is true whether you intend to charge a fee for your app or make it a free download funded through advertising or other methods.

User-Driven Technology

Technology customers are savvy. They know what they want, they know what will make their lives easier and they are willing to share their experiences over social media and in the relevant app stores. A good app can make a business a lot of money, even for those that are free to download. Having an app is not enough; you will need to test them, update them, test the updates and market them effectively. This can be a time-consuming process which is why many people turn to seo specialist companies like SEO Xpert.

What We Do

We take the hard work out of producing your mobile apps. We will programme, develop and test them before releasing them onto the various markets. Our fully qualified team of experts have the knowhow to release your app onto all of the major platforms for all devices, adapt them accordingly, submit them and respond to customer feedback for maximum satisfaction of the user experience.

Please get in touch so we can evaluate your requirements and discuss with you the best options! We are a very friendly company and are completely happy to have a nice long chat explaining the benefits and procedures if you have any queries prior to sale or during partnership.