5 Options for Creating Your First Website

5 Options for Creating Your First Website

Today, we will investigate different options individuals and business owners can look upon when it comes to creating their first quality website.

1. Completely Unique and Custom Website Design from a Digital Marketing Agency
Whilst this method reaps obvious benefits including having absolutely any website you want, and having it look exactly the way you want, it can appear pricey when starting out. There are also a number of disadvantageous points that are worth considering:

  • Sometimes it can be confusing using a custom built website, as it’s a completely new framework, so their won’t be online website creation guides to fall back on. Often developers use advanced expensive web design tools you would never have heard of.
  • Unless you can exactly portray to the developer, through designs or detailed script, the exact design you want you may not be completely happy.

2. Get back to school – Learn Web Design and Software Programming

It has been an ever-growing popular option for people to start learning how to program and design websites, but it not only are the courses quite expensive, you have to put in an enormous amount of time to effectively learn the ins-and-outs of web development. This takes years of hard graft so if you consider it make sure you are going to stick at it!

3. Install a Template on a Self Hosted Website and modify the HTML

There are thousands of free and premium website templates online, suiting all levels of budgets, each packed with features. All you have to do is simply upload it to a bit of online web hosting. But…be warned, these websites have been built for an exact setup, you often want to change something which is fine, but if you change something incorrectly it can take a long time to fix if you don’t have the correct experience and knowledge.

There are HTML plugins available online that you can easily find doing a search through Google. Whilst these will help you easily change the coding of the template, it will compromise the quality and looks of the website.

4. Creating a WYSIWYG Website

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. It’s a tool, normally hosted online, that you login to and use a drag and drop interface to build up your website. The site in itself is quite easy to build, but it normally comes with a monthly subscription price, and you never actually own the website.

Don’t be fooled, even though Drag and Drop sounds easy, it can often cause you endless headaches; boxes not appearing where their meant to, or software being restrictive and not allowing you to change something.

5. The Wonderful WordPress

With online competition constantly evolving, it is becoming necessary to have a content driven website. If this suits your plans, then WordPress is definitely the option for you. Whilst you need to have a small amount of tech knowledge to set up WordPress, it definitely won’t take you long to achieve a nice website. There are countless places to download plugins for WordPress and completely adapt the functionality of the website, be it ecommerce, video upload, news and blogging, or any other possible creation you could imagine up.

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